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2.1.1 Q-Review is QMUL’s lecture capture service. The system is a learning application which uses the Echo360 service and is made available to members of the institution as a tool to enhance the teaching and learning experience. The ELU are the business owners of the service.

2.1.2  A Q-Review recording or personal capture can consist of the following inputs:

  1. the screen
  2. the audio
  3. the video of the presenter (optional)
  4. the document camera
  5. the white or blackboards (in rooms with *tracking capability)

2.1.3 In addition to the intended event or lecture, a Q-Review recording may also capture:

  • people leaving or entering the room;
  • conversations held before or after the main event;
  • members of the audience asking questions;
  • conversations should rooms be occupied by ad hoc groups when lectures are not cancelled or amended via timetabling (Scientia Enterprise Syllabus Plus)

2.1.4 Students and staff are made aware of recording states by use of indicator lights attached to the recording equipment. This gives indications of when the system is recording, paused or on standby. Please see Appendix 2 for further information.

2.1.5 Q-Review recording equipment is currently available in 92 QMUL rooms. Approximately 41% of all teaching rooms.

2.1.6 Recordings can be viewed via module areas within QMplus, directly via the Echo360 website and also via a mobile app (available on Android or iOS).

*Such as: Eng 3.25 and Fogg LT

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