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Overarching Principles

3.1 Q-Review is established as a service which:

3.1.1 provides lecture recordings for use by QMUL students for review, revision and to support their learning;

3.1.2 provides valuable resources to help students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties engage with standard lectures;

3.1.3 supports international students’ learning, particularly for whom English is a second language;

3.1.4 facilitates the creation of flexible learning resources to further develop the portfolio of QMUL teaching staff and encourage innovative teaching;

3.1.5 promotes excellence in learning and teaching in line with QMUL strategy;

3.1.6 is not used to monitor staff for performance management and quality control;

3.1.7 is optional for staff to use when they want to record their own lectures for educational purposes, except in cases where a school or faculty has chosen to capture all recordings i.e. become a Q-Review School /Institute/Faculty (see section 4.2 );

3.1.8 produces recordings for time-limited use and not for long-term archiving or posterity (see the Archive and Deletion Policy in section 5.8);

3.2 A Q-Review School /Institute/ Faculty is one in which all lectures are captured by default unless an individual actively chooses not to be recorded. Where such decisions are taken, the ELU and other teams involved in providing the service will operate a default recording policy provided that capacity and resources allow, and the guidelines outlined in section 6 have been followed. Detailed information about implementing a default recording policy in a Q-Review School is available in section 6.

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