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The Benefits

There are several benefits of using QMplus. As the course content is available online, staff and students can access it anywhere and anytime, as long as they have internet access. There is no longer the need to make several paper copies of handouts nor the worry of losing coursework. Once a course area has been set up, it can be reused year after year requiring minimal maintenance from a course leader.

QMplus can also be used in a variety of ways to enhance teaching and learning, and complement the classroom experience. Apart from delivering online content, such as lecture notes and slides, or course handouts, QMplus can be used by staff to:

  • Create and collect online assignments and coursework assessment
  • Provide grades and feedback to students – in text, audio or video
  • Incorporate videos for students to watch online and comment on
  • Check for plagiarism using the integrated Turnitin feature
  • Allow for online collaboration via forums, wikis, blogs, glossaries, online chatrooms and group areas (and many more online tools and activities)
  • Set up groups and portfolios using the Mahara section

Visit the ‘Enhancing Your Teaching‘ pages to learn more about how to use QMplus and other E-Learning tools to enhance the classroom experience, or peruse our ‘Inspire – E-Learning Showcase‘ section to learn what others are doing across the college and around the world with E-Learning.

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