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An Overview of QMplus

If you’re just starting out with QMplus, this page provides some pointers to information and activities to help get you going with our online learning environment:

This guide covers:

Online course – Getting Started with QMplus

Enrol onto our self-directed online course on QMplus.

Designed to take you through the basics of QMplus, you can dip in and out of the topics in this course as you need them. Covering:

  1. How to get around QMplus and find what you’re looking for
  2. How to get access to areas on QMplus, and how to give others access
  3. What a QMplus area should look like
  4. How to edit your QMplus area
  5. Some example activities you can try out

E-Learning Video Guides

Our E-Learning Video Guides channel has a number of short videos on all sorts of topics.

Useful guides for the beginner

We have lots of guides on this website, here are the ones we think are the most useful for those just starting out:

  1. What is QMplus and why should I use it?
  2. What does a QMplus course area look like?
  3. Access – and how users get enrolled onto course areas in QMplus
  4. Building your QMplus course area – the basics (course formats, topics, and moving items around)
  5. QMplus course area settings
  6. Adding content to your QMplus course area
  7. Assessments and feedback (adding assignments, quizzes and giving feedback)
  8. Communications (emailing and messaging your students)
  9. Collaboration (using tools to encourage student engagement)
  10. Is your course ready? A handy checklist
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