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How to hide content in a course area

You can change the visibility of content elements and sections in a QMplus course area by controlling their visibility. Using stealth mode, you can also hide sections /topics on a course page and make the activities or resources under those sections/topics available using a shared link.

This guide covers:

  • How to make content in a course area hidden
  • Using Stealth Mode
  1. Log in to QMplus and access the course area you would like to show or hide content on.
  2. From the module page click on the pencil icon that appear on the top right of the page to turn editing on.

3. Once editing has been turned on you will have the option to show or hide content, blocks and topic areas on the page. This is performed by clicking on the corresponding drop down Edit menu of an activity, resource, topic/section, or the cog icon for a block. Please see example screenshots below.

Hiding an activity or resource

Hiding topics/sections

Hiding blocks

Content that has been set to hide will appear ‘greyed out’ wherever it appears in a QMplus course area. Content can be set to show again by following the same method as above (where the option to show will be displayed instead). The visibility setting only applies to people enrolled on your course as Students or Viewers. Teachers and QMplus administrators will still be able to see content that has been set to hide.

Using Stealth Mode:

“Stealth Mode” allows course administrators and teachers to hide activities on a course page, but make them available to students using a shared link (e.g. copy a link in discussion forum).

  • The option to make an activity or resource “Available” or “Unavailable” only appears once a user with editing permissions has changed its status to “Hidden” (or hide the section/topic where the activity or resource is located)
  • Once an activity or resource is set to “Available”. Students will be not able to see the content on course page, but will be able to access the content using the embedded URL (e.g. in discussion forums etc.)
  • Once the activity or resource is set to “Unavailable”. Students will not be able to see and access the content.

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