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Enrolment/Access: Course Mapping Block

The Course Mapping Block details which additional module codes, programme codes or year of students have access to a particular QMplus course area.

By default, students who enrol on a particular SITS module code will normally get access to the corresponding course area on QMplus. For example, students who enrol on BUS101 for term A in SITS will be enrolled on the matching course area in QMplus. However, there are times when students can also be given access to other course areas on QMplus, even if they are not enrolled on that course in SITS, or a whole programme of students can be given access to one module area. This is set up by request, via the Helpdesk or someone within your department who has Administrator access, and is done via a custom enrolment mapper.

Teaching staff can now see which students are being enrolled onto their course areas via the enrolment mapper by adding the Course Mappings Block.

The block can be added by, and is visible to, those people with Course Administrator or Teacher access.

Adding the Course Mappings Block

  1. Log in to QMplus, navigate to your course area and Turn Editing on.
  2. Click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the QMplus header to open the navigation drawer.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Add a block’ section and add the ‘Course Mappings’ block. The list of mappings is then listed in the block, so that you can see which students are being brought to your course area.

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