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What are the roles on QMplus?

A user’s role on QMplus determines the level of access that they have and what they can do. Roles can be assigned at course, category or system level. If you are teaching a module, you will have the “Teacher” role on the course in QMplus. If you are a departmental administrator, you will be assigned the “Course Administrator” role at your departmental category.

This guide covers:

  • the list of major roles on the system


Role Title Permissions on Course Area
Administrator This is a powerful role which allows the user to perform administrative tasks on QMplus such as creating and deleting course areas, rolling over and archiving course areas and managing system categories and landing pages. This role is intended to be assigned to those with an official responsibility for performing these administrative tasks for their School or Department and is therefore assigned at the category and not the course level.
We often refer to those who have administrator priveleges within a school as a QMplus ‘super’ admin for that school or department.
Course Administrator Course administrators are enrolled at the category level giving them the similar rights as teachers but over a potentially large number of courses. This means that Course Administrators can view student submissions and grades, add and delete activities and resources, enrol people onto course areas in their category and rollover course areas. This role can only be assigned at the category level, not the course level. This role is intended to be assigned to School and Department administrators with day to day responsibility for tasks such as setting up and collecting student assignments, ensuring that the appropriate staff have access to QMplus course areas and assisting with student queries. Course Administrators will not receive notifications to all forums in the course, if they would like to receive these they must request for their role to be altered via a helpdesk ticket or enrol their self as a teacher.
Programme Administrator Programme administrators are enrolled at the category level giving them the same rights as Course administrators with extra “View student identities when blind marking is enabled” option.
Teacher A teacher has full rights over a course area including adding and deleting resources and activities and viewing and grading student submissions. A teacher also has the ability to give others access to their course area.
Non-Editing Teacher A non-editing teacher is able to view and grade students’ work but may not alter or delete any of the activities or resources in a course area. This role could be used for teaching assistants.
Viewer A Viewer can see a course area but not interact with it in any way. This role can be thought of as a “logged-in guest” and can be used when you want people to log in to be able to see a course area rather than using standard guest access. This role can be assigned to either students, who may be “auditing” a course, or to members of staff who may want to see what you do in your QMplus course area.
Student A student can participate in course activities and view resources but not alter them. They can submit assignments and quizzes and receive grades for them. They can see their own grades and feedback but not that of other students.
Guest If guest access is enabled on a course area, people can access it without having to log in to QMplus. This essentially makes your course “public access”. It is also possible to set up guest access with a password. See the Moodle guide on How can I enable guest access on my course for more information.

If you do not like the names of the roles, you can customise them at the course level through your course settings. e.g. in some situations you may prefer to use the term “participant” rather than “student”.

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