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Using the Content Creation Tool

The content creation tool allows the fast creation of course content from pre-defined activities such as book, assignment and quiz. The tools allows one to create activities/resources with fewer clicks and multiple instances of an activity/resource without having to repeat the steps.

Step 1: Adding the block

  1. Log in to QMplus and go to the module where you would like to use the Content Creation Tool.
  2. From the module page click on the pencil icon that appear on the top right of the page to turn editing on.
  3. From the navigation drawer on the left hand side, click on the plus icon that appear at the bottom of the list to reveal the Add a Block Menu and select Content Creation.
  4. Wait a few moments for the block to be added. You will automatically be returned to the module page.

Step 2: Adding the template

  1. From the list of templates, select one of the templates. In this example, we have selected the template ‘Assign: standard assignment’

  2. From the ‘Select a topic/section to install into‘ choose a topic you would like to add the template to. In this example, we have selected ‘Topic 2
  3. The template will then be added to the course page under the topic you have selected.

Step 3: Editing the activity

  1. Click on the corresponding Edit icon to reveal the drop down menu and select Edit settings to edit the activity.
  2. Now edit the assignment using the instructions provided in the description box.
  3. Once you have completed editing the activity settings, ensure to scroll down and save the changes. You may then begin to use the activity for your teaching.

Nb: You will be able to add multiple templates to one topic using this tool. 

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