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Enrolment/Access: How do resit students get access to my course area?

In line with QMUL policies, resit students do not automatically have access to the current occurrence of a module in QMplus. They will will have access to the course they were originally enrolled in on the QMplus archive as long as it has been made available to students.

If you wish resit students to be enrolled onto the current occurrence automatically, you must request this explicitly by raising a ticket on the Helpdesk and providing the title of the course area on QMplus and the module code required for enrolment.

Those with ‘Teacher’ access to a course area can also manually enrol students so you can deal with resit students this way if you prefer. For information on how to give people access to your course area yourself please see the How can I give people access to my course guide.

All manually enrolled students will need to be removed from the course area at the end of the enrolment period otherwise they will remain enrolled on the course.

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