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Enrolment/Access: I can’t see all of my students in QMplus

The vast majority of QMplus areas have the student enrolments controlled by SITS. In these cases your students will be automatically enrolled in your course area as long as they have finished their MySIS registration and their data is correct. If the list of students is incorrect then the problem is likely to be with their module enrolment status in SITS.

You may have some students who have been added automatically via the enrolment mapper and you will need to add the course mapping block if you wish to see a list of these enrolments. 

If you do not see any students in your course or incorrect students have been enrolled, then please raise a ticket through the IT Services Helpdesk and we will investigate it further.

However if your course area is manually enrolled or if you would like to manually or temporarily add a student (such as an external student or a student from another course) then see this FAQ .


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