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Add a module announcements forum

The Announcements forum is a special forum for general news and announcements in your QMplus area. This special type of forum can be used by teachers and administrators to send important messages to students. Messages sent via this forum will be sent as emails to all students on the module. Only teachers and administrators can post to the forum and students are automatically subscribed and cannot unsubscribe.

Every QMplus area has one of these forums when it is first created. However, you may find yourself in an area where the forum has been deleted. This guide describes how to put your module announcements forum back when this has happened.

Finding your Announcements forum

Announcement forum activity

The Announcements forum can generally be found towards the top of a QMplus module page. It is usually called “Announcements” but it may have been renamed.


Edit Forum Settings

You can check whether a forum is an Announcements forum by looking in the forum settings. With editing turned on, select Edit settings from the edit menu beside the forum.


Announcement forum type image

In the general settings section, you will find the forum type.

Note: If you cannot find the Announcements forum in your QMplus area, you will need to re-instate it. You cannot do this by adding a new forum. You will have to follow the steps in the rest of this guide.

Add the latest announcements block

If the latest announcements block is not visible in your course area, add it by going to the Add a block menu.

QMplus menu  Add a block latest announcements image

















If the Latest announcements item is not available in this list, it means the block has already been added to your area.

You may find that just adding this block will bring back your announcements forum. Have a look at the top of your course page to see if the forum is there.

If it has been re-instated, the forum will be called the Announcements forum. If the forum has not been re-instated go to the next section.

Reset the number of announcements items

If adding the Latest announcements items block to your course area has not re-instated your announcements forum, go to the Settings cog icon at the top of your module page.

Select the Edit settings option.

Edit module settings cog


Scroll down to the Appearance section and ensure that the number of announcements items is set to a number greater than 0. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.

Appearance of forum image settings


Your announcements forum should now have been re-instated in your course area.

We recommend that you rename the forum to Module announcements. Students will be used to this terminology being used across QMplus.

Next steps

You can find more information about forums on Moodle Docs.

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