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Submission receipts for assignments

When submitting an assignment, you will be sent a submission receipt. How you receive this receipt will depend on how you have configured your messaging preferences in QMplus. By default, you will receive an email sent to your QMUL email address.

If your work is being submitted to the Turnitin service, you will receive two receipts. One acknowledging that your work was submitted on QMplus and another indicating that your work was successfully uploaded to Turnitin.

QMplus standard assignment receipt

The receipt for the assignment on QMplus looks as follows:

QMplus assignment submission receipt

The information in this notification is:

  1. The code for the module the submission is for
  2. The name of the assignment, in this case Coursework 1
  3. A link to the assignment on QMplus – clicking on this link will take you to the assignment summary page on QMplus which provides more information on the status of your assignment.

Turnitin receipt

If your work is being submitted to the Turnitin service, you will receive a second receipt acknowledging that your work has been submitted successfully. If you receive your QMplus receipt, but not your Turnitin one, it may be that the submission to Turnitin has failed. You should check your assignment status in this case.

Turnitin submission receipt

  1. The name of the file you submitted
  2. The name of the assignment that the submission was for
  3. The name of the area on QMplus that the assignment is in
  4. The date and time your submission was successfully made in Turnitin
  5. The submission id for your submission in the Turnitin system. This number is useful should there be any need to trace your submission in Turnitin
Note that the timestamp on the QMplus receipt and the Turnitin receipt may be slightly different.

Late submissions

Please note that the receipts do not indicate whether assignments were submitted late or not. You can see this information on the assignment page in QMplus.

Late assignment submission

I didn’t get a receipt, what do I do?

If you do not receive your submission receipts, or you do not keep hold of them. You can always check the status of your submission by going to the page for your assignment on QMplus.

Assignment information

  1. This is the date and time of your submission
  2. If you submitted late, you will find this information here.
  3. This is the name of the file you submitted. You can open the file to check it, but you will not be able to modify it (unless your lecturer has allowed you to make another submission)
  4. If the assignment is being submitted to Turnitin, you will find the Turnitin ID here.
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