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I can’t see my course, what should I do?

This assumes that you can log in to QMplus successfully, but that you can’t see the course areas that you want to.

Does the QMplus area exist and is it visible to students?
Firstly, you should be sure that the course area exists in QMplus. If your lecturer confirms that there is a course then that course might be hidden or not available to students. Please contact your course leader or departmental administrator to confirm whether your course is available to students. They are the only ones who have authority to make the course visible to students. However, if your colleagues (doing the same module) can see the course and you cannot or your lecturer has confirmed that the course is visible then please carefully follow the steps below:

1. New students – Students who have successfully completed Pre-enrolment and are officially registered on the codes will be able to see the course.  If you believe you should have access, but don’t, then you should check your module registrations in MySIS ( and ensure that they are correct or contact your department administrator. For contact details please go to

2. Returning/continuing students – It is essential that you re-enrol and select your modules (by going to MySIS ( in order to gain access to QMplus.

Please see this link for returning students online re-enrolment:

After completing your Module registration on MySIS, please wait until the next day to check whether you have access to the course area on QMplus because QMplus updates its record overnight.

3. If the information is NOT correct on MySIS:
It would appear that your enrolment data on MySIS is incorrect and you must get it updated. The QMplus Support Team cannot change this data for you, you instead must contact your departmental administrator to get the information corrected. You will see your courses next day on QMplus once this is done.

If you have followed these steps carefully and still you don’t see your QMplus area then please raise a ticket on ITS Helpdesk or email and attach a screenshot of your MySIS module registration – we will investigate it further and get back to you as soon as possible.

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