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QMplus January 2020 Release

On Tuesday, 21st January 2020, between 7am-9am, we will be making some updates to QMplus.

These will include a mix of bug fixes, maintenance chores and new features:

New Features and Extensions

  1. QMplus Module Evaluations – addition of a new type of Questionnaire. New feature which will allow administrators to conduct and collect QM Module Evaluations via QMplus. ARCS are looking for volunteers to trial this with their students in semester B of 2019/20.
  2. Bulk activity creation – ability for admins and teachers to add an activity to a number of QMplus courses in bulk
  3. Colour Changes for accessibility purposes on Activity Calendar
  4. Content creation tool to enable fast creation of course content from pre-defined activities such as quizzes, forums etc.
  5. New integration to enable students to access their Kortext digital books directly from QMplus
  6. H5P (interactive content) update:
  7. Marking Allocation – student now only sees the allocated marker not the last person to access their assignment
  8. Improvements to the Assessment Information block
  9. Precise time of assignment submission now displays to students – to help with lateness processing.

Bugs / Maintenance

  1. Some minor formatting changes on User Tours
  2. Expanded feedback fields when setting up quizzes
  3. Improved highlight colours for topics/sections
  4. Stop duplication of THEAD header in ATTO editor (when editing HTML source)
  5. Performance improvements on theme
  6. Improvements to Collapsed Topics format
  7. Optimisation for Mobile devices
  8. LevelUp gamification plugin: fixing issue with pop-up windows when configuring the activity
  9. Correction of styling issue post upgrade where additional padding was appearing on section headers
  10. Correct cursor now appears when mousing over tabs
  11. Accessibility improvements in Course formats
  12. Correct issue where some courses in “Collapsed Topics (QMUL)” format lose their collapsibility
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